How does a digital fishing competition run?


How does a digital fishing competition run?

The fishing took place in Pajakkakoski rapids and Saarikoski rapids in Kuhmo Finland. The organizers were the City of Kuhmo and the local flyfishing club Kuhmon Perhokalastajat.

The basic idea of the KalaHässäkkä (a.k.a. Fishing Hassle) was that all the competitors fish according to the normal fishing regulations. Which allows you to take 1 trout as a catch. But the competition itself doesn’t require you to even catch anything.

The main point was having fun while fishing and letting it show. Letting it show so much that when you post a picture or a video live to the competition with your smart phone, others will get to your good mood as well. Anyone can follow the event live as the new posts are published from two nearby rivers. And anyone can like the posts which they.. well.. like.

So how did it turn out? Check out from the blog:

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