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This is not the first book I ever started writing. But it’s the first one I’ve finished.

My first book Hulahula Fly Fishing – Five Tall Tales is a story of a girl (that’s me) who decides to make fly fishing the center of her life, and to test can one make a living by fly fishing alone.

Hulahula Fly Fishing is a story of the eternal beginner of fly fishing with over twenty years of experience. A story of taking a leap to the world of small business owner. And a travel story, as the book takes you fly fishing in different parts of the world.

Maybe it is a modern ailment to want to be something, to be acknowledged, to find one’s passion and carve a career out of it. There is this pressure to make one’s everyday life into an adventure that keeps the adrenaline flowing. There is this need to earn one’s livelihood on one’s own terms, and derive meaning and satisfaction out of it.

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Well, this story fits the above description. It is a story of abandoning conventional, safe, salaried work for entrepreneurship born out of ambition, passion and search for meaning.

And of course, this is a story about fly fishing.



The ebook in English is available on Amazon. Link: https://amzn.com/B015CYKWBA

My flyfishing trips to 5 very different locations around the world (South-Africa, Sweden, Japan, Finland and Iceland). And then it is a story how those travels turned me into a flyfishing freelancer first, and a flyfishing entrepreneur later.


PS. If you’ve ever wondered about writing about fly fishing, check out the blog post “The 7 steps to write about flyfishing. And publish that as an e-book“.



Do you like reading about flyfishing?

Do you like reading about fishing?
The ebook Hulahula Fly Fishing is free to download until 4th of October, so get you free copy today: 

“A story of a girl who devotes her life to flyfishing.” -Fishing stories from South-Africa, Sweden, Finland, Japan and Iceland. If it sounds interesting, you can find it here 

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