10x Your Life (Hint, fly fishing rant coming up)

I was writing a new video script, and really trying to nail down what it is with this whole fly-fishing-thing, that makes people so crazy. In a good way.


Why those who get into fly fishing, are so totally mental about it?

I think it’s the fact that fly fishing lets you totally get absorbed into something. And we want that.

We want something that takes our mind away from the daily madness.

The work, the stress, the responsibilities and all the worries.

The fact that you need to get outside for fly fishing, is another great factor, and it builds on the previous point.

When you get outdoors, to the nature, or even your backyard for some casting practice, the fresh air and being outside does something good for you. We spend so much time inside staring screens that the small moment of getting to spend little time outside is rejuvenating.

Of course you could go out for any other reasons as well.

But when it’s fly fishing related, there is an extra level of something. You are living more. You are aiming to catch a fish.


Or you are aiming to improve your cast just a little bit more. You are preparing for the next awesome experience.

Fly fishing brings an extra level of meaning.

And there’s something more. I love travelling, and maybe you do too. I have noticed that most people who follow me (and are on my email Inner Circle) tend to be somewhat similar to me. Why else would anyone want to spend their time following me, unless we were similar minds and liked the same stuff.

So maybe you like travelling as well. Because travelling means new experiences. And what is life without getting to experience more, getting to see more, getting to feel more?

And travelling for the purpose of fly fishing is huge.

It’s like 10x more than ‘just travelling’.

It’s 10x more than ‘just experiences’.

It’s 10x more than ‘just adventure’.

I feel that fly fishing is a way to 10x my life.

There’s my morning thought for you.




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I’m in England!

Randomness & life.

In May I applied to an EU exchange program for new entrepreneurs. Then came summer, and fishing, and travels. And I almost kinda forgot about the whole thing. Then just two weeks ago the whole exchange got suddenly confirmed and here I am.

Arrived last night, and already had an interesting first day learning about fashion shows that enable local youth to learn and get active, how a charity functions as well as planning out some social media assignments.

But what does this all got to do with fishing?

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