Fishing trip packing tip

This is an extra tip to make sure your fly-fishing trip is pleasant no matter the weather. A useful trick for your canoe trip packing list as well as when you’re thinking what things to bring on a fishing trip.

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The madness of salmon fishing


Life in the tent camp continues. More wind. Plenty of wind actually, and little rain as well. But no biggie.

I test my skills as an animal trainer and try to teach the trick of all tricks to our dog. To pose for camera. (Yes, that is a very important skill for a dog, I know). That goes as you might guess.

We have some sashimi in the rain. That’s a riceless version of the Japanese sushi dish. Raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi. Yummy.

And then, a salmon is landed. A pretty awesome monster. And this time I didn’t miss it, I’m right there with my camera. You’ll have to watch the episode to see how it went.

Salmon fishing is pretty awesome in all of its roughness and grandness. This is the last day in this location. The Norway, Finnmark tour continues, but to the more mild conditions and towards other fish than salmon. But that will be on the next episode.

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Write a book about fly fishing

Finland (1)

This is not the first book I ever started writing. But it’s the first one I’ve finished.

My first book Hulahula Fly Fishing – Five Tall Tales is a story of a girl (that’s me) who decides to make fly fishing the center of her life, and to test can one make a living by fly fishing alone.

Hulahula Fly Fishing is a story of the eternal beginner of fly fishing with over twenty years of experience. A story of taking a leap to the world of small business owner. And a travel story, as the book takes you fly fishing in different parts of the world.

Maybe it is a modern ailment to want to be something, to be acknowledged, to find one’s passion and carve a career out of it. There is this pressure to make one’s everyday life into an adventure that keeps the adrenaline flowing. There is this need to earn one’s livelihood on one’s own terms, and derive meaning and satisfaction out of it.

south africa (1)

Well, this story fits the above description. It is a story of abandoning conventional, safe, salaried work for entrepreneurship born out of ambition, passion and search for meaning.

And of course, this is a story about fly fishing.



The ebook in English is available on Amazon. Link:

My flyfishing trips to 5 very different locations around the world (South-Africa, Sweden, Japan, Finland and Iceland). And then it is a story how those travels turned me into a flyfishing freelancer first, and a flyfishing entrepreneur later.


PS. If you’ve ever wondered about writing about fly fishing, check out the blog post “The 7 steps to write about flyfishing. And publish that as an e-book“.



10x Your Life (Hint, fly fishing rant coming up)

I was writing a new video script, and really trying to nail down what it is with this whole fly-fishing-thing, that makes people so crazy. In a good way.


Why those who get into fly fishing, are so totally mental about it?

I think it’s the fact that fly fishing lets you totally get absorbed into something. And we want that.

We want something that takes our mind away from the daily madness.

The work, the stress, the responsibilities and all the worries.

The fact that you need to get outside for fly fishing, is another great factor, and it builds on the previous point.

When you get outdoors, to the nature, or even your backyard for some casting practice, the fresh air and being outside does something good for you. We spend so much time inside staring screens that the small moment of getting to spend little time outside is rejuvenating.

Of course you could go out for any other reasons as well.

But when it’s fly fishing related, there is an extra level of something. You are living more. You are aiming to catch a fish.


Or you are aiming to improve your cast just a little bit more. You are preparing for the next awesome experience.

Fly fishing brings an extra level of meaning.

And there’s something more. I love travelling, and maybe you do too. I have noticed that most people who follow me (and are on my email Inner Circle) tend to be somewhat similar to me. Why else would anyone want to spend their time following me, unless we were similar minds and liked the same stuff.

So maybe you like travelling as well. Because travelling means new experiences. And what is life without getting to experience more, getting to see more, getting to feel more?

And travelling for the purpose of fly fishing is huge.

It’s like 10x more than ‘just travelling’.

It’s 10x more than ‘just experiences’.

It’s 10x more than ‘just adventure’.

I feel that fly fishing is a way to 10x my life.

There’s my morning thought for you.




PS. If you are intrigued about flyfishing. If you want to try if it’s THE THING for you. Or if your want to get better at it. Now is the perfect time to decide to bring more experiences to your life.

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Chase for Atlantic Salmon

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