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If you are a serious fly-angler. If you have devoted your life to forever perfect yourself in the art of fly-fishing. A word of warning. You probably don’t agree with me here. But I’ll go ahead and say it anyway.

This is my random Tuesday rant on flyfishing and my hulahula approach. Read the article from my blog.

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The 7 steps to write about flyfishing. And publish that as an e-book


I had this idea for a blog post and thought that you might find this interesting or useful. Maybe you have a similar dream. In that case, definitely have a read, and please let me know if this type of post was interesting for you. I would love to hear.

The book I wrote and talk in this post covers my flyfishing trips to 5 very different locations around the world (South-Africa, Sweden, Japan, Finland and Iceland). And then it is a story how those travels turned me into a flyfishing freelancer first, and a flyfishing entrepreneur later.

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5 random fishing memories from last season

2015 is well under way. But today I got a nice reminder from last year. December issue of a Swedish magazine with my old article in it. That’s always nice when you see an article done and published. How the layout looks. Which pictures they decided to go with. It’s always a proud moment for me.

So the article as a trigger, I decided to go back a bit, and recap last year. Here are 5 random memories that popped out first: To the blog


Random thing Nro 3 = The first trip equals at least coffee by the river. Even if no sign of fish yet.

Bonefish in the turquoise paradise

You know how sometimes when you try something new for the first time. It’s tough, nothing works, you get frustrated… the way life sometimes works?

Well, this is not one of those stories.

This is my first date with a bonefish.

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Bonefish flyfishing

Bonefish flyfishing saltwater

What is the ultimate fly-fishing dream?

Could you help me out with this quick question:

. I understand that not all are like me, thinking the best thing ever is to travel to a new exciting place for flyfishing. But I have actually thought that MOST would agree that yes, that is pretty cool, and definitely a huge dream that is worth to go through a bit of struggle to get to.

Now, my question for you. (The prices on the example are just wild guesses and for illustrative purpose only, so don’t get stuck with the price).

WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE if you got ONE of these for FREE?

a) Really attractive set of flyfishing rod and reel with a value of something starting from 1000€, or

b) Really attractive flyfishing trip to interesting destination, with top-notch fishing, local guidance, accommodation, equipment, transport to fishing waters all included, with value of something starting from 1000€

For me it would be obvious. I would choose b)  the experience. And make do with my old fishing gear =)

Am I the only one?  =)

Travel story from Iceland

My article from a trip to Iceland was published this month on a Finnish  Metsästys&Kalastus magazine.




Thanks for for this awesome trip!




So far the year 2014 has been so good!.. and I’m pretty excited about the rest of this season. I’ve already had the chance to do few nice fishing trips, and sold 2 articles out of those.

But what will be the high-light of my season is the upcoming first ever round of my Fly Fishing Freelancer Bootcamp.