It’s not about who kills the biggest fish


This week was all about planning an event called #KalaHässäkkä (that might translate into #FishingHassle, or something along those lines)

The whole thing is about having fun. Not about who kills the biggest fish. Read the full post at my blog:

The 7 steps to write about flyfishing. And publish that as an e-book


I had this idea for a blog post and thought that you might find this interesting or useful. Maybe you have a similar dream. In that case, definitely have a read, and please let me know if this type of post was interesting for you. I would love to hear.

The book I wrote and talk in this post covers my flyfishing trips to 5 very different locations around the world (South-Africa, Sweden, Japan, Finland and Iceland). And then it is a story how those travels turned me into a flyfishing freelancer first, and a flyfishing entrepreneur later.

Read the full article over at my blog:

Bonefish in the turquoise paradise

You know how sometimes when you try something new for the first time. It’s tough, nothing works, you get frustrated… the way life sometimes works?

Well, this is not one of those stories.

This is my first date with a bonefish.

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Bonefish flyfishing

Bonefish flyfishing saltwater

I’m in a planning-mode today

Suddenly summer is here. Few early-season fishing trips are done, but suddenly it is full-on summer in Finland!

Afrikka (423)

I have had some plans to do few fishing trips a bit further and do some travelling during the season. But no plans set to stone yet. Today, how ever, I’m in a planning mode… Flicking through old pictures to get inspired and to start confirming dates and stuff