Fishing trip packing tip

This is an extra tip to make sure your fly-fishing trip is pleasant no matter the weather. A useful trick for your canoe trip packing list as well as when you’re thinking what things to bring on a fishing trip.

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The madness of salmon fishing


Life in the tent camp continues. More wind. Plenty of wind actually, and little rain as well. But no biggie.

I test my skills as an animal trainer and try to teach the trick of all tricks to our dog. To pose for camera. (Yes, that is a very important skill for a dog, I know). That goes as you might guess.

We have some sashimi in the rain. That’s a riceless version of the Japanese sushi dish. Raw fish with soy sauce and wasabi. Yummy.

And then, a salmon is landed. A pretty awesome monster. And this time I didn’t miss it, I’m right there with my camera. You’ll have to watch the episode to see how it went.

Salmon fishing is pretty awesome in all of its roughness and grandness. This is the last day in this location. The Norway, Finnmark tour continues, but to the more mild conditions and towards other fish than salmon. But that will be on the next episode.

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Chase for Atlantic Salmon

Sometimes when fishing… actually… quite often when fishing, one shouldn’t focus too much on the catch. Otherwise it might get frustrating. But then, the difference between 0 fish to 1 fish, is huge. Even if you are not the one … Continue reading

5 not so random fishing destinations worldwide

Finland (1)

So fly fishing is awesome, yes. Traveling is interesting – you get to see new places and gain new experiences. And what is so fun to realize… at the end of the day fly fishing is not that different. From Japan to Iceland – fly anglers are not that different.

Here is a selection of 5 NOT so random fishing destinations around the world, that I’ve been so lucky to experience.

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Inner Circle of Fly Fishing Enthusiasts

My first book Hulahula Fly Fishing is finally done and ready to publish in English!! As a thanks for your support on this journey, I wanted to do something fun for my inner circle. I’m giving the e-book for free, but just for the next 3 days, before it is officially launched. If you are not yet on my inner circle, go sign up and get the book as thanks before the free download link expires.

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How fly fishing breaks language barriers + A free gift for You

You know what? Passion for flyfishing breaks the language barriers.

Den_fulaste_ fly fishing

I’m from Finland and my mother tongue is Finnish. A handy language to get by in Finland, among the 5 million people who live here. But go anywhere else in the world, and guess how often I’ve met someone who speaks Finnish? Once! And I’m quite surprised that even that one time has occurred. In Japan I met Hide-san, who astonishingly spoke perfect Finnish. He’s not flyfishing enthusiast, but we did go fishing once… felt like the fishing trip would be appropriate to mention =).

So that was the only time I’ve met someone who outside of Finland spoke Finnish, without any Finnish origins.

But what is the actual point of my ramble, and how it all relates to flyfishing?

I’ve put together a small fun e-booklet of my 5 methods on how to implement more chances to go fishing into your life. And then as a bonus I included my check-list of planning a dream flyfishing trip to my favorite grayling and trout waters in North Sweden. Including one special coordinate. So that it’s actually possible to go and see for yourself, why it’s one of my all time favorite fishing destination. Including few pictures, to get to the mood. Pretty nice and fun stuff, I would say.


Now the only problem was, that it’s all written in Finnish. Good stuff for those 5 million Finnish speakers (out of which, not quite all of them love flyfishing, weird as it is). But perhaps few of you would find it interesting as well. So now we get to the point, how flyfishing breaks the language barriers. I know a guy from Canada, who very skillfully speaks and reads absolutely no Finnish. But who is full-on enthusiast about flyfishing. And we tested out what he could get out from my Finnish text. And the answer was absolutely all the essentials, (with the lovely help of Google Translator of course). I think that is amazing.

I will not put you through the funny content that Google produced. Since it talks plenty of flying and aviation, instead of flyfishing. Even though, I’m sure you would get the difference of flyfishing compared to flying and fishing.

Actually, with my Canadian friend, we have put together the same e-booklet for you in English. You will get it free of charge. It’s my thanks to you for following and supporting my early steps with Kajana Club and my fly fishing journey.

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